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Warriors Las Vegas Summer League: Off-court observations from Sin City

Editor's Note: Grant Liffmann (@grantliffmann) is co-hosted by Warriors Outsiders, flying on NBC Sports Bay Area 90 minutes before each home game and 60 minutes after each match. Each week, Grant will release its Outsider Observation on Dub's state.

Las Vegas Summer League can fool. Do not pay too much attention to statistics or records when analyzing the tournament.

The games are nowhere near the NBA level competition and the teams are mounted as glorious download games. Instead, try to observe that each player's more subtle minutia, like their desire to shoot or send, their overall basketball IQ or ability to find comfort in chaos and slow down the game.

But not all observations of the summer league are on the court. Let's skip some observations I made by the court during my time in Las Vegas:

The warrior's front office and coaching staff are optimistic and excited about the new series Warriors: There has been a constant news cycle recently by the Warriors dynasty, some even come as saying that this current transmission of the franchise will not even make the next season next season.

But you should never know that there is outside pessimism about the team when you around the team itself. From top to bottom there is a new enthusiasm in the air.

While roasting issues and concerns are meticulously realized, there is a feeling that the coaches and managers are looking at the next season as a fun new challenge. They seem dear to the role of underdog after being the banned favorites year after year.

Ron Adams is around and involved in the team: It had been reported that the Lakers were in the hunt for defensive guru and speculation had been mounted in the last season that this could be that of Adams as a stalwart on the Warriors Bench.

But Adams was present and engaged in Las Vegas, which means he thinks he is coming back with the team

Certainly, Adams reportedly agreed to return to the Warriors in a "revised role".

Willie Cauley-Stein's personality will be an excellent addition to the Warriors locker room: The new probable start center is outgoing and fun to talk to, as he is generous with his stories and laughter.

He is happy to discuss his newfound love of fishing, or his excitement to join a team in Golden State that he has always admired. [1

9659003] Over the years, the team has always been involved in players on their roster, which can bring some liveliness and sweetness to a sometimes difficult season. Cauley-Stein seems like he could be that guy this year.

The combination of Eric Paschall and Jordan Poole deserves a reality video show: The New Look Warriors are younger than ever, and with that comes a little youthful energy.

The best example of this is the burgeoning relationship between Paschall and Poole. The two rookies are inseparable, of their choice and circumstances, and they have a fun time showing it.

If it crashes each other interviews, or constantly laughs and kisses each other fun, Paschall and Poole get pleasure from teams that seemed to have been missing last season.

There is a strong consensus that Damion Lee deserves a chance in the NBA : Lee was present in Vegas, interfered with Warrior's staff and other NBA officials and players.

He is still a free agent, but currently limited, and he is looking for a team to give him a chance after shooting over 40 percent in both the G-League and the NBA last season.

There is a Common sentiment from many that I talked to, that Lee deserves a real opportunity to compete at the highest level. Now it's up to a team to put him on his list. The warriors do not have much space, but perhaps they can become creative and find a way to take him back.

[RELATED: Warriors Jordan Poole, Eric Paschall Shows Lightning In The Summer] [19659003] Everyone Still Loves Quinn Cook: When Cook appeared at Thomas and Mack Center for the Warriors and Lakers summer, he immediately became the most popular guy in the arena.

From the NBA stars to agents, coaches, media, everyone just wanted a chance to reconnect with Cook. There is no doubt that the war arena lacks having him around the team.

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