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Wall Street Journal publishes op-ed from former White House aide accused of household abuse

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                  Rob Porter, who worked on the president's trade agenda, resigned from the White House after media stores published accounts from two of his former wives who have accused him of domestic abuse. | Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Photo </p>
<p>  Former White House Aide Rob Porter arrived on Thursday evening with a contract in the Wall Street Journal and wrote in support of President Donald Trump's trade agenda more than a year after his departure from Vita the house in connection with allegations of abuse by two of his ex-wives </p>
<p>  Porter, who was involved in the president's trade agenda as part of his role as the White House staff secretary, wrote in the newspaper that the president has a great opportunity, starting on a trade agreement with China, "launch a new era of US-led trade liberalization" as long as he focuses on strengthening and not undermining trade institutes </p><div>
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"Having disturbed global economic status quo, Mr. Trump is now well positioned to do good on his overall commitment to helping "restore the integrity of the trading system," he wrote.

The former staff secretary resigned from the White House in February, obscured in the scandal after media outlets published accounts and graphic images from two of his former wives, who have accused him of domestic abuse. Porter denied the charges.

The controversy around Porter touched on a number of scandals on the west side, as White House officials criticized their scandal management and were pressured to account for his continued presence in the administration following revelations that women's allegations had appeared in FBI background checks for Porter's release .

The revelation that Porter dealt with sensitive acts for the president while working on an interim security decision further investigated the Western Wing, where it was discovered that other Trump assistants, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, also had temporary clarifications rather than permanent.

The event led the White House to reconsider its security clearance process. But the issue has come under the spotlight again in recent months following a New York Times report that Trump intervened to demand that Kushner be given security clearance over the reservations of intelligence officials.

The controversy surrounding Porter was one of the first major scandals for the then White House staff chief John Kelly, who initially defended Porter while insisting he had not known claims, despite evidence to the contrary. Former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks was also dragged into the scandal when it turned out that she had been Porter at the time and may have had a hand in the White House's response to statements against him.

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