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Volvo launches a new "Recharge" brand for electric vehicles, aimed at reducing emissions across the board

Prior to the launch of the electric version of the XC40 later today, Volvo announced the launch of its new "Recharge" brand for its electric vehicles and a plan to reduce emissions across the board.

Håkan Samuelsson, Managing Director of Volvo, announced:

“We transform our company through concrete measures, not through symbolic pledges. So at Volvo Cars we will deal with what we control, which is both our business and emissions from emissions from our cars. And we will address what we can influence, by inviting our suppliers and the energy sector to join us in our quest for a climate-neutral future. "

The company aims to be" carbon neutral "until 2040.

They plan to achieve this through electrification work and by decarbonizing their operations:

" Other short-term ambitions include a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent related to its global supply chain by 2025, a 25 percent share of recycled plastic in new Volvo cars by 2025, and a 25 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions generated by the company's overall operations, including manufacturing and logistics. ”

On the electrification front, Volvo previously announced that every new vehicle in the future will have an electric motor (HEV, PHEV and BEV).

Several car manufacturers have made that promise, but that doesn't mean much without knowing how many BEVs they plan to produce as part of that mix because all-electric vehicles read are the only type of electric vehicle that can offer a real sustainable future when combined with renewable energy.

To their credit, Volvo actually states that they plan for 50% of their car sales to be all-electric by 2025, which is one of the most aggressive electrification targets from older car manufacturers.

Later today, the Swedish car manufacturer will reveal its first fully electric vehicle, an electric version of the XC40.

Prior to the disclosure, Volvo announced that its electric vehicles (PHEV and BEV) will be called "Charge" in a new car line – starting with the XC40 Recharge.

The company wrote in a press release:

sales of Volvo Cars' electrified cars and encourages plug-in hybrid drivers through incentives to use Pure mode as much as possible. ”

Volvo also undertook to announce the average life cycle carbon footprint for each new model.

All-electric vol vo XC40 Recharge will be revealed later today after several teasers released in recent weeks.

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