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Vikings add offensive assistant, special team coordinator to staff

The Vikings announced the last rents for their 2019 coaching staff on Friday morning, and decide what they hope will be a more coherent direction towards crime, while deploying a special team coordinator who made his mark with dynamic units in Miami.

The Vikings added Marvin Maalouf, former dolphin assistant specialty law, as his new special coordinator. The team hired Rick Dennison, who has spent 18 seasons in the NFL with assistant head coach Gary Kubiak, as his new offensive line coach and running game coordinator. Dennison held the same title last season with the jets and acted as Kubiak's offensive coordinator in Houston and Denver before taking Bills' offensive coordinator job 201


Former assistant quarterback coach Drew Petzing becomes the team's new broad recipient coach, replacing Darrell Hazell, whose contract expired at the end of the 2018 season. Petzing, who joined the Vikings as part of Norv Turner's first offensive staff in 2014, had previously been the team's assistant broad recipient coach in 2016 and 2017.

Jeff Howard will move into the assistant defensive backs coach role that Terence Newman had last season.

When they stored Kubiak employees at Stefania's call, the Vikings left some doubts as to how their identity will be in 2019, gathering a group of long-term West Coast offensive senses showing that they emphasize the Kubiak zoning systems used with Terrell Davis in Denver and Arian Foster in Houston.

During Dennison's time with Kubiak in Houston, the Texans ranked among the top 10 of the NFL in rushing theaters three times and ended second in the 2011 league while leading the league in rush attempts. One year after the coach Mike Zimmer collapsed with the former offensive coordinator John DeFilippo over a desire to run the ball more often, and the bays gathered a staff of Stefanski who would help create the identity the trainer is looking for. Quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​should also find many familiar concepts, thanks to the year he spent with Stefanski and Kubiak's relations with both Mike and Kyle Shanahan, who coached cousins ​​in Washington.

In Maalouf, the Vikings added a special team coordinator who helped make his mark with blocked kicks in Miami.

During Maalouf's six years working with Delphin's Specialist Coordinator Darren Rizzi, no team blocked more points than Miami – who beat the folds 37-35 in 2014 after forcing a late assurance of a blocked Jeff Locke punt. The dolphins' six blocked field goals since 2013 are tied to the fourth most in the league during that time.

Maalouf was the dolphin's assistant special team coach in the last six seasons, after working as Colt's special coordinator in 2012. He replaces Priefer, who wound up a new deal from the Vikings to become Brown's special team coordinator, who landed with his hometown team after his contract with the Vikings expired on January 8th.

Viking's special team had a tough season, especially in the place-care department. The Vikings released fifth round, Daniel Carlson, after rookie missed three field goals in a week 2 tie against Packers and signed veteran Dan Bailey, who only missed one extra point but missed seven field goals (including one blocked against Seahawks on 10 December) . The team ended the year last in the league in field goal percent, making only 68.8 percent of their trials and beating only five of their 12 attempts from 40-49 meters.

The Vikings also had kickoff coverage issues that began during the preseason and continued through the regular season. They ranked 20 in the league in kickoff coverage, even though they ended the year fifth in point coverage.

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