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Video revealed the process of President Vladimir Putin's supercar

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Putin's supercar Aurus Senat was currently performing on foreign tour in Finland. (Photo: Reuters)

According to Sputnik the video published by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce presented various steps in the production of Russia's flagship model, from design drawings to model on computers, engine fabrication, assembly and testing.

According to the Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the new model manufacturing program is based on integrated parts that have been launched since 2013. Aurus cars were originally intended to serve as heads of state and part of the Kortezh project to produce cars for senior officials in the Russian government.

The first Aurus car presents at the inauguration of President Vladimir Putin on May 7, 2018. The Aurus line contains the "Senate" president limousine versions, the Senate sedan and the "Arsenal" minivan "

" Aurus ", which contains the word" aurum "(Latin for" gold ") and" rus "(card for" Russia "means Russia.) President Putin's supercar weighs 6 tons, is armor and equipped with additional functions to ensure Russian leadership security.

The Russian Ministry of Industry in 2018 has shown that only 120 Aurus cars were produced in 2019. Half of these are for the Russian Federal Security Agency, which is responsible for protecting Putin. The remainder is expected to order by government officials and other individuals.

Vadim Shvetso, Soller's CEO – owner of Aurus The brand, an entire 2 year purchase of Aurus cars has been sold, 2019 and 2020. The civilian version of Aurus Senat has a list price of 10 million rubles (about US $ 151,000).

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