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Video showing the lifeguard of the future knocked out of the man on the street

The bodyguard of the future was defeated by an angry fan during his time abroad.

In a video that began to circulate on social media on Monday morning (July 22), you can see a man running up to the bodyguard behind and hitting him with a punch that knocked him down with the ground down on the ground. Whoever keeps the camera excited shouts, "Woo! Future's bodyguard is down!" while some other men seem to celebrate with them too.

TMZ reports that the event went down in Ibiza, Spain at the International Airport – and it was over a photo. Apparently, the group asked men Future for a picture when he arrived at the airport and he told them, "Not today, guys" because he was tired from a long flight. From there, the celebrity news tells us that the men "exploded" in anger and began to scream the races and that was when the bodyguard came in.

The named bodyguard fought for a few men before the suction saw looked at the camera, which is also alleged to include a stone. The future can be seen in the background under the video that goes up to see his guy face down. The bodyguard service is eventually helped by people on site and is visibly shaken and bloody. The assailants take the rapper who seems to have returned closer to the airport at that time. It's a busy scene.

In related news, Future will tour the United States with Meek Mill this fall on their Legendary Nights tour. The tour begins at the end of August and continues throughout the country before being laid in early October.

XXL has reached the Futures camp to comment on the fight. You can see the video of the event itself below.

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