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Video: Officers shoot the man after telling him to release the gun

Police video released Monday shows an officer in Charlotte, North Carolina, who killed a man who was armed but did not point to his arms at the authorities.

Camera photos show two officers approaching 27-year-old Danquir's Napoleon Franklin outside a Burger King on March 25 and repeatedly shouting for him to put down his gun. He hammers at a car's open door, facing someone in the passenger seat.

"Mr., put the gun down," said the official carrying the body camera. "Release the gun!"

Franklin does not move when police approach him, the video shows. When they call on him, Franklin can raise his right hand with an object in it, still facing the person in the passenger seat.

He lowers his hand right around the time when the first of two shots of the official can be heard, according to the video. "Shot fired!" The officer shouts into her radio. About 40 seconds had passed from the time the officer left his cruiser until Franklin was shot.

Then she gets under his body and can be seen as picking up a gun and saying, "I have to pick up the gun." [19659005] Before the film was released, Charlotte held a press conference to urge members to calm down after seeing what was happening. They noted that protests had been planned before the video was released.

Mayor We Lyles urged the community to engage in a peaceful discourse on what happened.

"It is in times like this that we can open for a discussion and discourse. We can talk about what is on that video," she says. "But what I always think about is how we respond as a society will reflect how we commemorate the Danquir's Franklin. "

Chief of Police Kerr Putney said the video is hard to see but it shows evidence that Franklin was armed." "There is clear and convincing evidence that Franklin is armed. You will see it "on the video, Putney said at a press conference.

Putney said Monday that the video is consistent with what the police have said all the time, that Franklin refused to release his weapon and an officer kicked after noticing a deadly threat.

A witness told a 911 transmitter that Franklin was armed and had threatened restaurant workers.

But since the shot, some have questioned whether the police were too quick to use lethal force.

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