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Video of "Overwatch" running on Switch shows just how far hacks have come – BGR

The Nintendo Switch could be a great tablet, if Nintendo wanted it to be anything more than a portable gaming console, and some people have looked to prove exactly that. One such user was able to play Blizzard's multiplayer shooter Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch over Nvidia's GameStream.

Nvidia's GameStream is a technology that lets you stream games from a PC to another device, such as Nvidia's own Shield Android devices. However, if you can see the video below, it is also possible to get the service running on a Nintendo Switch (if you are willing to break the rules):

Overwatch gameplay seems smooth enough. The same developer got GeForce Now streaming on the console: In previous tweets, the developers showed Android booting on the Switch:

And the user also provided benchmark scores for the Nintendo Switch, in case you were curious: [1

9659003] That said, you shouldn't expect Android support on any of Nintendo's consoles going forward. That's why Nintendo will have to keep making money as much as possible off of its own games without having to worry about any competition from titles available on Android.

The developers behind the @switchroot Twitter act did not share details about how they got Android running on the switch, and we don't encourage you to replicate it. You could end up bricking your console or getting banned from the eShop.

Nintendo, meanwhile, is set to launch two new switch versions this year, rumors say, including a cheaper model as well as An upgrade of the current console with improved hardware.

Image Source: James Sheppard / Future Publishing / Shutterstock

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