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Verizon says it should not have spun California firefighters under urgent fires

Verizon said it made a mistake by not removing data constraints on a California fire service's wireless service after the firefighters crossed their data loss because they fought to contain the state's largest fire in history. 19659003] In a swearing statement filed this week as part of a legitimate effort to restore network neutrality rules, Santa Clara County told Fire Chief Anthony Bowden that Verizon launched the connection to one of its emergency vehicles, which "bothered very much" with its ability to work efficiently.

Bowden said the vehicle data rate dropped drastically when the department was trampling with Mendocino Complex Fire, which has burned more than 350,000 hectares. Although the department warned Verizon of the emergency, he said that the company did not immediately restore its high-speed wireless service due to the restrictions in the department's data plan.

"Verizon representatives confirmed the congestion, but rather than restore us to a significant data transfer rate, they indicated that County Fire would have to switch to a new data plan by more than twice as much as the cost, and they would only remove gasification after that we contacted the department that manages billing and switching to the new data plan. "

Verizon told the Washington Post in a statement Wednesday that it did a customer support mistake with the fire department and should have lifted data speed restrictions during the emergency:

" This situation has nothing dealing with net neutrality or the current proceedings in court.

"We made a mistake in communicating with our customer about the terms of his plan. Like all customers, the Fire Department selects service plans that are best for them. This customer purchased a government contract plan for a high speed wireless data allocation at a certain month's expense. Under this plan, users get an unlimited amount of data, but speeds are lowered when they exceed their allocation to the next billing period.

"Whatever the plan acute respondents choose, we have an exercise to remove data rate constraints when contacting emergencies. We have done so many times, including for emergency personnel responding to these tragic fires. In this situation, we should have increased the speed limitation when Our customer reached us. This was a customer support mistake. We review the situation and will fix any problems in the future. "

Ars Technica reported earlier about the allegations against Verizon of the Santa Clara Fire Department.

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