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The Presidential Commission sends more than 270 doctors to care for patients with Covid-19 in Zulia

The Bolivarian Mayor of Maracaibo, Willy Casanova, reported this Sunday that the Presidential Commission for Control and Prevention of Covid-19 has sent more than 270 doctors of various brigades, made up of Cuban military doctors who join more than two thousand who were already in unit; they are engaged in screening and screening for patients with Covid-19.

In a telephone contact with the 30-minute segment in La Noticia broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), the state president stated that the municipal market in Las Pulgas has been closed for two months, as well as other groups in the city’s markets. from Maracaibo because of the chain of contaminants that have been unloaded in the state of Zulia.

He pointed out that the Covid-1

9 outbreak is still active in the municipal market in Las Pulgas, for which the entire state of Zulia is in strict and radical quarantine.

Similarly, he stressed that 65 sectors of the city where the virus is moving with greater vigor have been identified and also added that they have 37 peace quadrants working in strict accordance with the radicalized quarantine.

The city of Maracaibo has 16 hospital hotels, where medical care and all prevention and biosafety measures are guaranteed for all patients with Covid-19, the mayor said.

Similarly, it announced the full repair of the 25 Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDIs) and that they are ready to follow this life struggle that is ongoing in Maracaibo.

The state president specified that they have 38 capabilities for intensive care units and more than 90 intermediate care they have in CDI, ready to serve the population before Covid-19.

He confirmed that the days of disinfection, cleaning and beautification are constantly maintained throughout the unit, in addition to all deployment of officials from various police and military security forces throughout the state, who have arranged to greatly reduce internal mobility.

He noted that the city of Maracaibo is the most populated in Venezuela, near Colombia and has an important commercial activity with this country, and from that mobility the outbreak of Covid-19 was generated in the municipal market in Las Pulgas.

Finally, he informed that Omar Prieto, despite his contagion with the Coronavirus, is waiting for everything that happens in the state of Zulia, driving and commanding.

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