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Socialist International rejects Maduro and denies support for its "socialism"


Following its meeting at the UN headquarters in Geneva, the Socialist Council (IS) issued a statement stating concerns about the conflict of power in Venezuela and also rejecting elections on 20 May and political prisoners in the country.

Venezuela A Day Operation

La Is believes the Maduro government is trying illegally and contravenes the Constitution to limit the powers of the National Assembly (AN), democratically elected by the Venezuelan people and representative of the country's sovereignty.

The Lima group follows the Venezuelan situation with concern

Likewise, SI shares the Council Resolution of the European Union on the election of May 20, where Nicolás Maduro was re-elected "election (May 20) and its results lacked credibility because the electoral process did not give guarantees cesars for the celebration of inclusive and democratic elections "; It also requires that new elections be held in accordance with internationally recognized democratic norms and the Venezuelan constitutional order.


In its statement, the organization adds "strongly rejects the extensive violation of rights people in Venezuela, the lack of separation of public powers, the persecution of political reasons in the country and the presence of over 400 political prisoners, including the leader of a party member of the organization Leopoldo López. "

SI reiterates its recognition as a legitimate representative of the Venezuelan People's Authorities to the elected majority by December 6, 2015, whose mandate is valid until the last day of 2020. [19659010]
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