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Russian authorities prohibit the use of Telegram Messenger

The Russian communications watchdog ordered the blocking of the telegram message by refusing to share information from its users that violates the constitutional principle of correspondence secret.

Telegram was created in 2013 within the "boom" of instant messaging that saw a rapid growth of WhatsApp, its origin is Russian, but now Opera in Dubai. The most excellent app is its secret chats.

The messaging program that currently has more than 200 million monthly active users around the world has become a problem in Russia where the Moscow court has recently banned the use of the messaging program to fail to allow Russian security service to read encrypted messages from some users.

Roskomnadzor, the country's technology and communications agency, asked the court to allow blocking the application and that the ban has immediate effect. The telegraph company had ordered its lawyers to skip the hearing in protest against the urgent process, as NYTimes only took 1

8 minutes for the court to approve the request.

The decision was one month after the telegram has lost a lawsuit against federal security service or FSB, Russia's powerful and secret security agency, which demanded access to messages. The Kremlin has already run an anti-terrorist law in 2016, through which it was ordered to attend and provide security services with access to encrypted applications, including other actions.

In October last year, Telegram Messenger was fined with something more than 800,000 rubles (13,000 dollars) to break this rule, adopted within the framework of measures to combat terrorism of the country. Pavel Durov, creator with his brother to the telegraph network in 2013, clarified in his time that he would not share data or codes with third parties, including governments, an aspect that his user has appreciated from the outset and has enabled him to win fast market share Worldwide.

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