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Pregnancy in girls between 10 and 14 years in Mexico is increasing

MEXICO CITY (EFE) .- The pregnancy of girls aged 10-14 years continues to increase in Mexico in a sample of the problem, which is linked to the seriousness of sexual violence practiced on adolescents, according to a national report released Today

"Childhood pregnancy is a global problem, public health, but eradicating it will not be possible until the problem of sexual violence is understood and addressed," Eliana Olaizola told a press conference. Director of the Ipas Mexico Association.

During the presentation of the document "Sexual violence and pregnancy in childhood in Mexico", the specialist pointed out that although the statistics on this problem have decreased slightly in Mexico, the region has not changed pregnancy for young people.

"The problem is that 95% of adolescent pregnancy occurs in developing countries. In Mexico, the rate fell from 77 to 74.4 pregnancies per 1

000 adolescents, but in girls from 10 to 14 years the problem is increasing," said Olaizola

According to the expert the main reason is that the pregnancy in girls 10 to 14 years increases, for only 2016 2016 there were 11 808 new mothers in the age range.

"The report we present today shows that sex violence, sexual violence are crucial factors in high numbers of pregnancies in women of this age, "said the expert.

Olaizola is one of the reasons why this problem increases the lack of awareness of society and healthcare professionals who continue to stigmatize and judge girls and adolescents.

" It is considered that childhood pregnancy is a consequence of deliberate acts of children and adolescents who decide to begin their sexual life at an early age due to lack of education ing or lack of use and access to contraception, "he said.

However, according to Fernanda Diaz de León, Ipas Mexico's policy and advocacy coordinator, "violence is a crucial factor for 9 out of every 10 young people living in this situation," he says.

He explained that girls and adolescents are forced on many occasions by physical force, extortion, manipulation and threats to sexual relations that "represent a cultural normalization of violence", Expression.

Olaizola stressed that most conditions are absent from minors, "vulnerability, lack of protection, abandonment, abuse, manipulation, extortion, various power relationships, marginalization and lack of opportunity "19659002] Díaz de León pointed out that the problem in many Latin American countries is also transferred to a legal framework" because some have more restrictive laws. You are pregnant, even because of sexual violence, "she said.

" All this prevents minors access to the legal health services d e should have when exposed to sexual violence, emergency contraception until the legal interruption of pregnancy, "said Olaizola.

Experts agreed that this problem not only has an impact because the risk of infant mortality is twice as high as in women over the age of 20, in addition to subtracting 1.8 years of healthy life, but also the effect is psychosocial .

"Young people may suffer from depression, low self esteem, education, have greater barriers to getting jobs, have no access to social security, besides being more immature mothers who have punished behavior for their children, thereby generating a circle of violence ", he said. Olazala.

In addition to explaining the report, specialists made recommendations to reverse this problem.

Among them should be comprehensive healthcare services that include pregnancy abortion of trained staff, in addition to the implementation of screening sexual abuse and healthcare training to recognize signs of abuse.

According to figures from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Latin America and the Caribbean, the pregnancy for teens is 66.5 births per 1000 girls between the ages of 15 and 19.

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