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People in Colombia decree curfew for "evil spirits" on WhatsApp

A small town in Colombia issued a curfew for under the age of 17 before what the mayor considers alleged attacks of "evil spirits" invoked by WhatsApp which tried convulsions and attempted suicide in more than one dozen young people.

Since the end of last week, the authorities registered strange behaviors, threats of jumping on bridges, lacerations, fainting and voting changes of about 14 minors using

The mayor of the city of Pajarito (center), Inocencio PĂ©rez, forbade transit and movement for children and adolescents between seven in the evening and five in the morning before this "very different issue".

"I took the decision based on the red warning issues presented," he told AFP. "Some children said they would commit suicide, they spoke unconjugated that" before the time had come, "should they pull a bridge."

Perez said that with this determination parents seek to "grab" their children and avoid more actions than those that occurred during the last days of this Catholic city with about 2,000 inhabitants intended for cattle and coffee.

He also said that the curfew was a decision consulted with the police, legal assistants at the mayor's office and psychologists, after contrasting the versions of the probably obsessed youths.

"There are fathers who have thanked me, but there are some children who are difficult," he said. 1

9659005] The restriction will remain in force until the situation is governed, "said the president. If a minor is outside his home, his parents can be fined.


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