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Microsoft breaks Windows 10 Start Menu with its latest patch


Last week we collected the patch KB4467682 of Windows 1

0 generating different bugs to users of operating system. One of them was that it caused blue screens to the users of Surface Book 2, a computer created by the company itself. After removing the fix file, new new bugs will appear in that update.

KB4469342 and KB4467682 fixes cause Windows Startup failures Windows 10

Microsoft seems to be completely lost and unable to boot a single patch that does not violate any of the operating systems. The past two months have been forgotten by the company and caused many failures with October 2018 Update and many others with patches which have been removed to correct them.

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The last of these errors is in the update KB4467682 for April 2018 update as it appears in the patch file KB4469342 . This last patch also contains errors related to Windows Media Player where you can not go to a specific point in a video that plays or generates crashing edge when playing video clips in the browser with an NVIDIA- video card.

Even with KB4467682, many users experience problems with the boot menu, where they appear when they open, they are not displayed correctly if the user has adapted the distribution of the programs and the plates .

No, Microsoft: Windows 10 is not a service, but an operating system

Written by Alberto García

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