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Heartbreaking: Naya Rivera’s parents went to the lake where the actress disappeared

The mother knelt on the bridge and the father ran desperately and entered the Piru lake.


The search for actress Naya Rivera is still underway in Lake Piru in Los Angeles, where she disappeared on Wednesday 8-J after taking a boat trip with her son Josey. The anguish over his disappearance has been so great for his relatives that they joined him in their search on the fourth day of tragic news.

Although the job is treated as a recovery operation, which authorities believe Rivera probably drowned after being “swept away in a hot tub,”

; her family does not leave hope to find her alive.

This Saturday, July 11, the heartbreaking images circulated when the parents of the “Glee” actress arrived at Piru Lake. The first to arrive was the singer’s mother Yolanda Rivera, who was approaching the jetty with her son Mychal.

While the actor’s younger brother stood still, her mother knelt down and spread her arms, asking God for a miracle to happen and her 33-year-old daughter to live.

Later on Saturday, they both boarded a boat with life jackets to support the search efforts that began since last Wednesday, when the boat was found with the 4-year-old sleeping, in perfect condition.

The TMZ media caught when George Rivera, the interpreter’s father, arrived with the rest of the family after 3:00 in the afternoon. In the video you can see the moving reaction of the man who loses his daughter running desperately towards the lake, getting into the water and even drinking.

This site further reported that George and Mychal entered the lake and stood as if they were praying.

According to other US media, the family has stated that they only want the body to be found to close the tragedy that is believed to be a terrible accident.

Similarly, Ryan Dorsey, former husband of the “Glee” star, He also participated in Piru Recreation Park on Saturday. The actor, who is also the father of little Josey, stayed away from the family while he stopped at the lake shore and cried in total shock.

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