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Use Tesla Model 3 Prices … Big Oil vs EVs … Model Y Rumors – #CleanTechnica Top 20


Published on January 12, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

January 12, 2019 by Zachary Shahan

The stories that caught the eye and fantasy most this past week on CleanTechnica included an original analysis of the used Tesla Model 3 prices (compared to the competition), the obviously endless activities of the oil and gas industry, and rumors of Tesla Model Y prices and specs (and urban superchargers).

These top 3 were followed by my notes on a Honda Accord & Civic sales crash, a short appearance within Tesla Gigafactory 1 and a report that highlights that the Tesla Model S (as Tesla Model 3) has the best resale value in its class in USA.

We also had popular stories about solar energy, Elon Musk, the new Nissan LEAF, the EV delay tactics, the Chinese Tesla Gigafactory, the Jaguar I-PACE taking place 1 in the Netherlands among all car sales in December ( and Tesla Model S takes # 1 among electric ca rs for the full year) and more. Check out the full list below and don't forget to subscribe to a CleanTechnica newsletter first. . )

  1. Tesla Model 3 Used car statistics as depressed for BMW and Audi as new car sales
  2. Large oil rig for killing the electric car (again)
  3. Tesla Model Y Price Rumors & Specifications, + Urban Supercharger Specs
  4. ] Honda Accord Sales & Civic Sales Drop 80,000 2018
  5. Tesla Gigafactory Tour Shows where Tesla continuously lowers battery costs
  6. Tesla Model S Resale values ​​= Best in class
  7. Putting solar energy into liquid fuel
  8. 40,000 Miles with 2018 Nissan LEAF
  9. 15 Fascinating (or most interesting) Facts about Elon Musk
  10. 50 ways to slow down the electric vehicle revolution – A complete idiot's guide
  11. Tesla Model 3 production could begin in China this year, Model Y 2020 – UPDATED
  12. Jaguar I-PACE = # 1 Vehicle (not just EV) in the Netherlands in December 2018! Tesla Model S = # 1 EV in 2018.
  13. Cuomo Calls Musk: Can Tesla Add NYC Subway System Back On Track?
  14. How to make Australia a superpower in renewable energy Export
  15. Porsche claims Tesla owners are leading A Taycan Sales Stampede
  16. Tesla software-First approach enhances the future of cars
  17. Neil deGrasse Tyson: Elon Musk will " transform civilization as we know "
  18. Breaking! Tesla Gigafactory 3 Earthquake in China in a few hours – UPDATED
  19. VW & GM Exec Electric Vehicle and Tesla Leave Me Dizzy, Confused & Laughing
  20. Cummins Talks Tesla, Electric Cars, The Need for a Carbon Tax [19659029] The Cleantech Bullet keeps popping. What were your favorites CleanTechnica stories from last week?

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    Zachary Shahan Zach is attempting to help society help itself (and other species). He spends most of his time here on CleanTechnica as its manager and editor-in-chief. He is also the president of Important Media and the director / founder of EV Obsession and Solar Love . Zach is globally recognized as an electric car, solar energy and energy storage expert. He has presented cleantech at conferences in India, the UAE, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States and Canada.

    Zach has long-term investments in TSLA, FSLR, SPWR, SEDG, & ABB. After several years of sun and EV, he simply has a lot of faith in these companies and feels like they are good cleantech companies to invest in. But he does not offer professional investment advice and would rather not be responsible for losing money, so do not skip conclusions.

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