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US Senator Ted Cruz irked by "space pirate" ridicule

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Senator Ted Cruz

US Senator Ted Cruz has been tricked into arguing that the US military needs a space force to defend itself against pirates.

"Pirates threaten the open sea, and the same is possible in space," said the Republic of Texas during a hearing in Washington this week.

After "Space Pirates" began trending on Twitter, Cruz hit back on critics.

President Donald Trump has called for the establishment of a sixth branch of the US military, the Space Force.

During a hearing of the Senate Sub-Committee on Aviation and Space on Tuesday, Cruz said: "Since the ancient Greeks first put to sea, nations have realized the necessity of naval forces and maintain a superior ability to protect waterborne journeys and trafficking from poor actors. [1

9659007] "Pirates threaten the open sea, and the same is possible in space.

"In the same way, I think we must also recognize the need for a space force. To defend the nation and to protect space trading and exploration of civil space."

After being mocked online about galactic buccaneers, he took on Twitter to sweep on "snarky leftists who made fun of my comments".

Cruz also argued that nations like China "have already developed and tested weapons to destroy satellites".

"May Space Pirates devour your liver," he tweeted to a skeptical MSNBC journalist.

The members of the scientific community joined politicians and pounded to tease Cruz.

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla, tweeted a pirate flag in response. 19659018] Prime Republican Miss Frank Luntz tweeted: "You are laughing now but wait until it is 2350 and you realize Ted Cruz was right."

Writing to the left-leaning Shareblue, Oliver Willis noted: "Throughout the history of human spaceflight, there has never been space pirate attack."

Kevin Gill, a Nasa software engineer, published a Photoshopped image of a pirate shooting circle. earth.

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