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Urban Meyer to shoot Zach Smith: "I had to make a change" – Sport – Columbus Dispatch

CHICAGO – Urban Meyer fired his long-term coach Zach Smith on Monday and the Ohio State coach said Tuesday morning and spoke for the first time that there was something that would be done for the good of the program.

In the wake of recent published issues between Smith and his former wife.

"Very tough conversation" Meyer said before starting his interview interview at the annual Big Ten media day. "Every time you make a change – the most important people in our program are our players, and I think it is very clear our expectations. And I had to make a change."

Meyer said he would not immerse himself about what finally made him decide.

"It's a personal matter," said Meyer. "It's a decision made for our team's best interest, but I will not get into the details about it. It's not fair."

He said it was not the internet report of an alleged event between Smith and his then Madam in October 201

5, of which Meyer and his staff could not find any record. There was a filing in Delaware County for divorce in November 2016 that was available and it was of course long known.

But last week, Courtney Smith, a resident of Powell, left a civil protection decision on Friday in the Delaware County Domestic Relations Court. A August 3 hearing is scheduled to discuss the case, according to court record.

Among the basic values ​​that Meyer has established for his program is a zero tolerance policy for violence against women.

Courtney Smith first called the police on her husband in 2009 when Smith was a trainee at Meyers Florida staff in Gainesville. She first opened a domestic violence detention house and he was arrested, but she later released the fee and no further legal action was taken.

"We were aware of that," said Meyer. "They were a young couple … and whenever I take a phone call or something like that, I say to my boss, then the experts let their job. It came back to me what happened. We advised him for advice, continued on. "

Finally, there were charges as a result of that event," and what was told to me was not what was reported in "09, so it was."

As to how he will fill the void on coaching staff, said Meyer "We have very good young coaches on our staff, a very strong staff. Later this week, some messages will be made."

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