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Unhappy passengers on aircraft driven by anxiety and alcohol


1; A Hawaiian Airlines flight tied to Los Angeles turned last night after a fight erupted between passengers.

And just last month, another Hawaiian flight was diverted after a man tried to hit the flight crew.

How often do passenger outbreaks emerge in mid-flight? Do they happen more often?

According to FAA data on harmless passengers, the number has only increased slightly since 2017.
The events are actually down compared to several years ago.

FAA data: Innocent passengers
Year Total
2004 310
2005 205
2006 137
2007 153
2008 124
2009 139
2010 128
2011 155
2012 183
2014 149
2015 105
2016 101
2017 90
2018 120 as of February 4, 2019.

But what causes passengers to behave so badly?

Dr. William Haning, professor of psychiatry at JABSOM, who also specializes in psychiatry, said there are a number of reasons.

"The flight flight is increasingly characterized by a sense of anonymity and frankly independent of the traveler's side. It is a stage set for people who are excited to be scared and at the same time want to take it out on someone," Haning explained.

He said he was in dense areas, limited for long periods, causing stress.

"Unfortunately, the airline solution of this has for decades always been trying to offer people comfort in adult drinks. Here you have a cocktail, we apologize for your inconvenience. Therefore, alcohol that shuts off much of the controls people have on their behavior. their irritability makes the situation worse, "Haning said.

Passengers who said they fly often agree that alcohol often exacerbates the situation.

"Some people drink too much alcohol on the flight and then you can have an unfortunate passenger on longer flight, not really on the island I" I have never noticed it, "said Colleen Smith." 19659003] "I just believe in globalization that you have more people traveling all the time so you get an increase in flights and increase in people so you will get a bit of an increase of unwavering passengers … I think alcohol is a big thing for it, says Thomas Harris Harris has just come from Australia.

Unfortunate passengers can face serious consequences, including fines of up to $ 25,000 per FAA violation.

KHON came out to the FBI to find out more about Hawaiian Airlines flight 2 as was diverted yesterday, the FBI said they are currently investigating but could not confirm if someone was in custody.

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