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Understand #FreeBritney and the latest Fan Concern on Britney Spears & # 39; current situation

If you are a music fan and have been on social media over the past week then chances are you have seen an alarming hashtag #FreeBritney trend. Maybe it was Luann de Lesseps & # 39; this was your first exposure. Or maybe you just tuned in to The Talk and saw the host and rapper Eve rocked a shirt with the message emblazoned over her breast.

Whatever the case, there is a good chance that it remains to be wondered: Just what happens to Britney Spears ?

The emergence of the hashtag, which was made viral by well-meaning fans worried about the princess of pop's well-being, comes after the beginning of the April revelation that Britney had controlled into a mental health facility to help manage his father Jamie Spears & nbsp; disease, months after he suffered from a broken colon and allegedly "almost died." "We all have to take time for a little" me, "she wrote on Instagram April 3, because reports began circulating that she was seeking inpatient treatment at an undiscovered facility.

" Britney decided to do this on her own "told A source close to the superstar E! News of the time. "It had a lot to do with her dad's stress, but both Jamie and Britney do it much better. It is hoped that everything will stabilize next week or so, but she will be at this wellness facility for a few weeks. "

The astounding decision to seek treatment came about three months after Britney left fans stunned on January 4 with the announcement that she was taking an indefinite living from work to devote her entire time to her family and efforts to care for her father In its recovery, and that meant her new home at the new Park MGM in Las Vegas would be set in motion ̵

1; a month before it was set to debut.

"I don't even know where to start with this, for that here is so hard for me to say. I'm not going to do my new show Domination ", she wrote on Instagram." I've been looking forward to this show and seeing you all this year, so this breaks my heart. But it's important to always put your family first and that's the decision I had to make … I had to make the difficult decision to put my full focus and energy on my family at this time. I hope everyone can understand. "While fans remained disappointed with the idea that Britney stepped away from the spotlight for an indefinite period, they met her with nothing but support because she constantly expressed her need to devote her time to the man she once told Daily Star "saved my life" and added "I probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him … I owe him my life. "

How could she not repay the man who, after the public melt in 2007, which eventually left her in hospital, became one of her permanent conservators, along with the lawyer Andrew Wallet who helps not only revive her care r, but invites her to a long period of stability after a really scary time? If that was the most important thing for her right now, who could blame her?

And so, when the news broke the stress of Jamie's health burden, It was like taking a toll on her hardened mental health that she needed to seek some form of treatment, it seemed again the right thing to do, the only thing to be done. Fans and family supported Britney's decision. Boyfriend Sam Asghari praised her on social media and wrote on her Instagram Story: "It's not weakness, it's a sign of absolute strength, people should only be inspired by this, at least ne i. "And ex-man Kevin Federline with whom she shares two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James told ET, also about his lawyer, "he commends Britney for acknowledging that she needs to step back and that she takes reasonable steps to handle her situation responsibly."

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So you might wonder then, where this whole # FreeBritney movement came from. How, exactly, did we go from supporting her to fearing for her independence? It turns out, as with most internet conspiracy theories, it wasn't just a big deal. (Until it was. More about it in a second)

First of all, it was the tangible decline in social media posts by Britney herself. Celebrated for her wonderful Instagram feed, full of inspirational quotes, art she loved and videos of her filmed by her sons-aka, the ultimate mom-feeding-Britney was known to be a frequent poster. Until she was there After announcing her stay in early January, she posted exactly once on January 12 to celebrate her debut album's 20th anniversary – before returning with her "me time" entry in early April. Not entirely uninterrupted for someone who devotes his time to a sad parent, but not unnoticed either. If her father had been ill for a couple of months before her residence permit, as the Britney's IG record read, why did her social media change only after the message, fans wondered?

Likewise, the fans started wondering why, before entering treatment, she had not been discovered since January 7 when paparazzi caught her and Sam in the run through an in-N-Out Burger. And why did Wallet who had shared a conservatory with Jamie since 2008 document with the court in early March to break his band with Britney and left his father as the sole conservator? And why did he want to do so with such suitability?

"The Conservatory is engaged in many ongoing business activities that require immediate attention and it is therefore in the Conservator's interest that the acceptance of the Wallet Departure and the issuing of amended letters by the Conservatory of the estate arises immediately and promptly," wrote the lawyer of . The Blast . "Substantial damage, irreparable damage and immediate danger will lead to the Conservator and her property if the requested relief is not granted on an ex-part basis."

It was enough to get diehard fans to go "hmm," but it didn't really explode until last week when the podcast Britney's Gram hosted the comedians Tess Barker and and Barbara Gray released what they called a "special emergency" on SoundCloud, complete with a bombshell claim of the presumed true nature of Britneyy's voluntary treatment. Saying they had received "an anonymous tip from a credible source", they played a voicemail from someone claiming to have been a lawyer who worked with a lawyer who was affiliated to the conservatory claiming that Britney had been dealing with her will.

"What happens is greatest, to say the least. Britney was in the repertoire of Domination . It came to Jamie's attention that Britney did not take the medicine as prescribed. She lacked many doses and only full-on does not take them "claimed the unidentified voice. "So they got her to the doctor and the doctor said," OK, if you don't want these medications, let's take you on a new one. "She refused to take the new one. Jamie said," You either take this medicine or the show, and I pull my support and you can't do it. "Britney did not follow Jamie's instructions, so he was faithful to his words – he drew the show , he said plainly, "Blame my illness." "

According to the anonymous tipster, whose identity the podcast owners claim to have verified, Britney has allegedly been in treatment for much longer than we had been told. "Britney has been in the mental facility since mid-January. There is no timeline, there is no end date especially in view of this stay at this mental facility to end. She did not want to go," he asserted. "From what I understand, this is not a decision she made at all".

And so #FreeBritney was born.

The fuel for the fire in the aftermath of podcast episode debut is Britneya's mother, Lynne Spears . Distinguished from Jamie in 2002 before joining in 2010, Lynne has become aware of social media that likes comments on her Instagram page by fans who directly refer to the theory that Britney has been forced to treat her will as a result of her conservatory. "I really hope you support Britney when you try to quit [her] conservatory," read such a comment. "I really hope your weak ex-husband doesn't hold your daughter somewhere against her will."

And the item in question receives these comments? An image with a cryptic message that reads, "When the warrior of God goes down on his knees, the battle is not over, it has just begun." Caption: "This is" Faith! ""

In the immediate aftermath of the alarming podcast edition, a new report arose on The Blast containing information allegedly coming from a source "with direct knowledge of the situation," which claimed that, around the time Britney's new residence was negotiated, it was clear that her life had become "out of control" and she had no opportunity to handle her workload. According to the source, her mental health had "deteriorated" to such an extent that they feared she did not start treating "she would be dead".

For those who are trying to keep the timeline straight, Britney and MGM announced Domination in Las Vegas on October 18, 2018, leading the negotiating period in late summer and early autumn. Choreographers were hired, rehearsals were ongoing and tickets were sold for a series of shows that began in February 2019, which would not be interrupted until January.

As the report alleged, Jamie understood the severity of the situation and made the call that "everyone on the team" felt "the right move for him to" take action "." Worried that the obvious true nature of his daughter's mental health would be, the idea of ​​using Jamie's disease "was made as a smoke shield for the truth" by her law.

For the fans who care enough about their beloved Britney, it was enough to make them consider the streets. And some made with a protest that formed in West Hollywood, California, on Monday night outside the City Hall to draw attention to what they consider to be a once-needed remedy that has been insulting and written off Britney by her rights as a person .

Due to press time, the request for comment from Britney's team on the all-podcast, the new reporting from The Blast, the protest has been unanswered.

But here's what we know: But Britney went into treatment, whether she was volunteer or not, she has been able to come and go. April 11, E! News learned that she had been discovered at a hair salon in the Los Angeles area, to have her roots and extensions retouched. "She seemed good and content … [She] was delighted that her hair was made," an eyewitness told me. And almost two weeks later, on Easter Sunday, she and Sam saw the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel where an eyewitness told us that the couple spent a "relaxing day". "She had a little smile and only saw chill, as if she had to get away for a while and had a normal day with her boyfriend," we were told.

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As a separate insider we said, "There will be a long way to get her good and herself again. Sam is there for her and wants to see her get better." [19659002] Jamie, meanwhile, was photographed alone in Louisiana on Easter Sunday, behind the wheel of a yellow jeep. "Her dad does it better," a source E told me! News. "His health is okay, it's just a long way to complete the recovery. It takes time, but he gets better a little at a time."

As the insider declaration, Jamie is still concerned about her daughter after trying to "try to get her help back and forth on the right track."

It should be noted that not everyone buys which team # FreeBritney sells. For one, not a word of claims made in the podcast has been confirmed by anyone. And while the notion and conspiracy theorisation has been sufficient to work some exaggerated fans into a true frenzy, there are those who can quickly remind that conservatories are the kind of legal interventions last played for a reason and not without clear evidence as to why, institutional laws (even during the conservatory) cannot happen without someone's consent unless a doctor signs up and there is again evidence that the individual is harming themselves or others, and fans can sometimes take things just one step too far on social media.

At the end of the day there is a lot we do not know here. Nor should we. Some mental health – and the way in which they and their designated custodians choose to treat it – is none of our things, quite frankly. As much as we may feel connected to Britney through her music and her live shows and her sweet social media, we owe nothing to her about the personal life's aspirations and the aspiration to stay mentally, physically, and spiritually. And at some point we all have to accept it.

Maybe, just maybe – like the unforgettable Britney fan Chris Crocker once defeated – it's time we finally just leave Britney.

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