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Ultras Vorskla fought with Dnepr-1 fans – photo cam result

The cause of the conflict is called by torsa Vorsklian insults from their counterparts during the match

After the match in the fourth round of UPL "Vorskla" – "Dnepr-1" an incident occurred between ultra Poltava residents and guest fans. Representatives of the Vorskla Ultran attacked the Dnepr-1 fan bus at the exit from Poltava and chose the club flag. They called the cause of the insult from the Dnieper-1

fans against the Poltava residents during the match.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian championship match, where Vorskla and Dnipro-1 shared the world 1: 1, was marked by a historical event for the Dnieper. With the prefix – minus. The team of Dmitry Mikhailenko received the first red card during his performances in the country's best football department. During the final minutes, the removal of the captain of Dnipro-1 Sergey Kravchenko was deserved. It was true that Vorskla did not take advantage of the numerical advantage without having had time to realize the majority of staff.

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We also wrote that Alexey Mikhaylichenko has not played a single match at the helm of Dynamo Kiev, and his team has already dropped from third to third fifth place in the table in the Ukrainian Premier League. This happened after the local Desna and the team from the village of Kovalevka Kolos in Chernigov tied 0-0 in the match in the fourth round of the championship. Thus, "Desna" and "Kolos" got seven points each and squeezed Dynamo from the top three, with only six tournament points.

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