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Trump threatens Iran with destruction – Korrespondent.net

  Trump Threatens Iran With Destruction

US President Donald Trump

Iran expects a powerful response, which in some cases would ruin an attack on any American target.

US President Donald Trump threatened Iran with a powerful response before being destroyed in the event of any new attack on the United States. The American leader published the corresponding statement on Tuesday, June 25 on his side on Twitter .

"Any attack from Iran on any American target will meet with enormous and superior power. In some respects, superior power will be medium-rigged," he said.

Trump also said that Iran's leadership does not understand the words "courtesy" or "sympathy".

"Unfortunately, they only understand strength and power, and the United States is undoubtedly the most powerful military force in the world, we just invested $ 1

.5 billion in the last two years," says Trump.

The Iranian people suffer for no reason because of their leadership, who "spends all their money on terror," Trump concluded.

Remember, the US president interrupted Iran's strikes just before US military aircraft would take off.

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