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There was a photo of a girl killed and killed by a St. Petersburg

There were pictures of a 24-year-old girl as Oleg Sokolov, associate professor at St. Petersburg State University, a famous historian and author of monographs on the history of France from Napoleon's time, killed, dismantled and wanted to drown in the river.

Photo from open sources

They were lovers. Media writes that the murdered woman was jealous of the two daughters from his previous marriage.

According to other sources, the professor was also jealous (this is especially the brother of the murdered girl).

During an argument on November 7, he shot the mistress of a sawed-off shotgun. This happened in the historian's apartment on the Moika embankment. He hid the body for the next day, November 8, he hosted guests in the apartment.

And on November 9, the assistant professor decided to get rid of the body after previously dividing the body with a saw. He drank during the process, which is probably why he fell into the water when he went to throw away parts of his body. During searches in his apartment, police found a bloody body, a severed head and a saw.

Oleg Sokolov told investigators that he had intended to commit suicide after he got rid of his student body. He admitted that he wanted to wear the uniform in Napoleon and executed himself in Peter and Paul fortress in front of tourists. He planned to bring a letter explaining the motives for the crime and leaving a will at home.

Earlier, Strana reported that the information about the interrogation of a St. Petersburg teacher who interrupted a 24-year-old mistress was disclosed.

We also said that the killer was assigned a psychiatric examination.

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