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The star of "Thrones Game" blew up a network of sincere images: "extraordinary". Poli Teka

The 19-year-old star in the TV story told about shooting in the legendary series.

British actress Macy Williams, who starred in the big TV series "The Throne Game" "Arya Stark played yesterday in a spectacular photography for Ssense magazine.

Macy Williams appeared to the public and fell in love with her in the series at a somewhat "non-female" image, on the opposite side, she tried on several feminine fashionable images:

Arya's role – most The basic of my life, and now it is over. This was my first role. Part of Arya remains in me, now I have my own standards and I'm not planning to lower them, "notes Macy Williams.

At the same time, the actor notes that I mostly associate myself with … Sam:

"This is Samvel Tarley ̵

1; he has such low self-esteem, but he does incredible things anyway and has gone so amazingly. And in a way I associate myself with John Snow when everyone says to him: "You are the king of the North" and he is: "I never wanted to be a king," said the television star.

Fans of the famous TV series "Game of Thrones" created an application that required a retake of season 8.

As reported fans turned to HBO to recapture the 8-season of a popular TV project. It is known that a request arose in the network about the need to return to the end of the series and this time to include "authorized scriptwriters".

"David Benioff and DB Weiss showed a high degree of incompetence when they had to work without relying on a source in the form of books. This series deserves a logical last season. HBO, justify our expectations and deal with this the question! ", says the fans' appeal, according to which more than 40,000 people left signatures.

The audience's dissatisfaction began to grow from the first series of the 8th season. The fans did not like the characters' absurd deaths, even more ridiculous dialogues and absolutely unacceptable, accelerated developments of events. Note that such petitions arose after the failed justice league from DC, the new Star Wars trilogy and many other projects, but they remained at the level of angry tirades on the Internet. In addition, re-filming of such a project would require a lot of money, and therefore the HBO channel is harmful to deciding on such a venture.

Remember that fans noted a new unexpected movie in the new series in the final series of the popular series "Game of Thrones".

As reported by Politeka, the leader of the white hikers – Night King, was played in the series "The Game of Thrones" by two actors.

Politeka also wrote that the author of the books the series "The Game of Thrones" was filmed announced that there would be a screen adjustment of the acclaimed story.


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