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The number of uncontrolled transactions in Bitcoin memory has decreased dramatically

During the rapid growth of the first cryptocurrency during the current week, increased onca activity was observed. The number of uncontrolled transactions was exceeded at some point 70,000, but at present this figure has decreased significantly – in 2000.

Data from Blockchain.com

Note that on average, the average transaction cost was $ 2.32. The same figures were recorded in February 201


Decrease in mining total revenue from commissions during the period May 16-19, data from Blockchain.com

Despite the release of the memes according to bitcoinfees.info, the transaction commissions are still quite long. In order to be included in the next block, the user must pay approximately $ 4.13 for confirmation upon processing three quarters – $ 4.11 and six – $ 3.56.

Data bitcoinfees.info

If this problem, which is directly related to scaling the network, the prominent members have already noted.

Some users stressed that this is due to the inflated deduction fees artificially established by exchange platforms. 19659011] Changes payments overpayment. @ BitMEXResearch, for example, it is possible to reduce it

– AD (@adzuardi) May 19, 2019

In the meantime, 1036 BTC ($ 7,534 million) is transmitted through the payment channels on the Lightning Network.

Recall that the May 19 rate today surpassed the price of Bitcoin again the mark of $ 8,000, which recovered from a sharp decline in connection with a large order for the sale of 5000 BTC on the Bitstamp exchange to $ 6200, which was completed May 17.

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