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The creator of the 90's most famous erotic melodies died


Even today, when she talks about Kim Basinger, despite her long and successful career as an actress, she is remembered mainly as the leading woman in the film, who has turned thirty-three years old – "9 1/2 weeks. "In the United States, the band was nominated for three Golden Raspberries – only for the worst female performance (Kim Basinger), the worst original song (not known You Can Leave Your Hat On, first performed by Joe Cocker in 1

972), and another, written specifically for movie) and the worst case scenario.

Kim Basinger in "9 1/2 Weeks." Photo: pinterest

But with a $ 17 million budget, the band raised $ 106.7 million in And it does not count the Soviet space, where it became a cult in the early 90's in the video lounges of the time, and was bought very quickly for rental in theaters, thanks to "9 1/2 weeks" became the genre of erotic melodrama (or rather it would be called a psychological melodrama with elements of light eroticism) very popular and gave rise to many imitations, and the movie itself – sequels. Including the films "Wild Orchid", "The Merge of Two Moons", "The Delta of Venus ", the TV series" The Diary of the Red Shoe ", etc.

The protagonist" Mergers of Two Moons ", who was so popular with us in the 90's. ". Photo: pinterest

Simple viewers who had never heard of any kind of Golden Raspberry said that they were attracted to these films by a deep knowledge of female psychology regarding various aspects of love. And this was quite logical, because one of the writers of the script for these films is sometimes mentioned in points, and sometimes not Patricia Louisiana Knop. (Sometimes her name is also written as Knop and her name as Patricia). And besides, she was the wife of the producer (at 9 1/2 weeks , where the director was Andrew Line), and then the director of these films, Zalman King.

Patricia Knop. Photo: The Wrap

It is interesting that despite the sensually and professionally described Nope and King who in many films cast female nature in search of carnal love, this couple lived in real life for 46 years, and She also gave birth and raised two daughters.

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T itelfoto: shot from the movie Wild Orchid pinterest

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