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The change of Russian regiments and divisions – the expert told of a serious threat

The mention of Russian regiments by Russian President Vladimir Putin (19459003) with the names of Ukrainian cities and other toponyms is a signal to both Ukraine and the West, and the message is deeper than in the new names of regiments and divisions. This was in a "Today" comment from independent analyst Valery Snegirev.

In total, 11 regiments and divisions were ruled. Express said that Ukraine is concerned about four new names on the Russian regiment:

  • 163th Panzer Guards Regiment – Nezhinsky
  • 6th Tanker Regiment – Lvivsky
  • 68th Regiment – Zhitomir-Berlin
  • ] 933th aircraft missilregiment – Verkhnedneprovsky.

In addition to Ukrainian cities, Russian military units were named in honor of Belarusian settlements.

"If we continue to argue, this (the Russians) is not only suggested. For example, it became the 1

02th engine Slonimsky-Pomeranian regiment. Pomerania is unfortunately already for Germany's" Hello Merkel. "The 400th independent The artillery regime in Transylvania is "Romania's greetings." The 152th engine weapon department is Idritsko-Berlin, "added Snegirev.

The analyst pointed out that "Previously, these regiments had been solved", that is, they were not. "

" For example, here we will not go far: 68. Guards Tank Regiment. "The complete name of the Zhiromir- Berlin Red Banner Order of Suvorov, Kutuzov, Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Alexander Nevsky Regiment. "He was dissolved," Snegirev told.

The analysis said that this regiment was formed in 1942 and existed until 2005. In 2005, it became a storage base, ie handed over his thoughts to warehouses, loosened his staff and left bans to the central federal military power's central museum. "

" But since yesterday it has not simply been restored, which means that, on the basis of this storage base, they recovered these thoughts, carried out the crew and the banner, as they say, returned to the combat unit. And especially because the guards are the most prominent units, they even have a bigger salary, "t illade Snegirev.

The analyst in connection with the restoration of the old regiments and divisions cited the example of creating connections for the Soviet Union invasion of Hungary.

"90 Guards Tank Division … was created especially for the invasion of Hungary in 1957. The same division in 1968 was the shock department when it entered Czechoslovakia. It was based in Poland. Of course, they were drawn from Poland, dubbed, she danced a little" in Chechnya, already under another name, as a separate guard motor gun. But now, the name Vitebsk-Novgorod was turned to her twice. And it was also a storage base. ie it has been dissolved since 1997, and now, from yesterday, it suddenly arose from nothing. But, like her Vitebsk-Novgorod, she is not in any way called attention. And this was the most shocking part of the Hungarian events and Czechoslovak events, "Snegirev told.

The analyst noted that such measures to restore military units from the state of storage bases are indeed" muscle building. "

" So it does not matter How they are called, and what's important is they pulled the banners from the mothballs, they were cut off so the moth would not eat. And to these banners added parts, completely framed, ie. manned with equipment and personnel, "said Snegirev.

We recall that in the winter we wrote that a new army was taking place in Putin's army . The Russian leader approved the entry of the" unclean "unrecognized republic

In March last year, Putin decorated the Russian Army crew which will be increased to almost two million

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