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Study hardforks Constantinople trusted new team ETC Labs Core

Ethereum Classic Labs Incubator has formed a new ETC Labs Core development team. The main task in the first quarter of 2019 for them will be to study the hard forks in Constantinople, postponed due to critical vulnerabilities.

The team will also complete the enhancement of Ethereum Classic 1045, enabling the integration of certain features from Byzantium and Constantinople updates to the ETC network.

ETC Labs Core will work with the Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency protocol and support its blockchain, as well as develop mining tools and create decentralized applications ", reported in an incubator.

It is worth noting that the formation of a a new team has happened A week after the 51

% attack on the Ethereum Classic network, which resulted in hackers taking over a cryptocurrency worth $ 1.1 million.

About ETC Labs Core will participate in countering further network attacks

Remember that at the beginning of December 2018, Ethereum Classic ETCDEV project team dissolved due to funding problems

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