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Sobchak sells underwear for 5 thousand

38-year-old TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak has started a new company. Celebrity decided to drop lingerie.

Remember that Ksenia 2020 was included in the Forbes rating as one of the most successful celebrities in 40 years. At the top, Sobchak was in fifth place, behind Buzova, Creed, Ovechkin and Nurmagomedov.

Sobchak’s total income was more than $ 4 million. Instagram gives the journalist a lot of profit, as do copyright programs on YouTube. Now Ksenia intends to develop a clothing store.

The range includes high-waisted panties with fun letters, hoodies, tops, T-shirts and other classics. Their cost varies from 2.5 thousand. Hoodies, for example, cost almost 10 thousand rubles.

As it turned out, many people wanted to buy clothes from Sobchak – the customers earned the profit for the online store during the first hour.

“We already have 280 orders per hour on sale,” she said on her personal Instagram page.

However, not everyone online appreciated the clothing line. In the comments, people were upset about both the cost and the style.

“Ugly linen, excuse me”, “Very expensive. Straight for the elite “,” Simple mortals can not see cowards “,” Now she will make money on you, “they criticized

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