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Shakhtar Dynamo scandal – Kiev fans insulted the player's video

Fans provoked scandal at the Ukrainian championship match

Shakhtar vs Dynamo / Photo: FC Shakhtar official website

Sunday November 10 held a raid on Metallist Stadium in Kharkov The 14th round of the Ukrainian football championship. Shakhtar took on Dynamo. We fought Shakhtar vs Dynamo online match with highlights and goal video.

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In this fight a racist scandal broke out with fans of Dynamo Kiev. A video surfaced about how fans were imitating monkey sounds at first.

Beware! There are obscene languages ​​in the video:

And after that, the obscene comments were chanted:

Remember that because of this manifestation of racism, the match was interrupted. Tyson was also given a direct red card to demonstrate Dynamo's ultra-long finger.

Meanwhile Dynamo is in no hurry to acknowledge his fans' guilt in the racist scandal and asks to find out. Kievans urge investigating authorities to connect, gathering facts about photos and videos that would shed light on what happened.

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Earlier we wrote that Dynamo won back in the Europa League match with Copenhagen. Benyamin Verbich made a goal for the Kiev team.

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