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Replications AirPods Pro deserves attention not only because of low costs

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<p>  Yesterday morning a mini-review of the Chinese copy of the latest headphones on the Twitter account appeared to a famous IT Latvian bloggers Veniamin Geskin AirPods Pro: Apple started selling them about a week ago.The original practical capacity in all respects is quite high, but the clone from China is at least remarkable for perfect similarity, but the design is not the main feature. By the way, the original is higher; below is a photo of its copy. </p>
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First of all, their price is remarkable – about $ 100. This is 2.5 times higher than the price in the US ($ 249 ) and more than three times the price in Ukraine ($ 320). Also, if you remember the attempts by Chinese manufacturers to fake earlier versions of Air Pods, they were, not to say the mile dt, of good quality.

  AirPodsPro photo of the Chinese example

The copy fits seamlessly with Apple smartphones without additional applications. This is possible subject to availability of the W1 chip, which is likely to be implemented in the unit. Unfortunately, so far no one has posted the practical results of their audio tests online. Therefore, it is too early to talk about it.

By the way, it is not surprising in the presence of forgeries. In addition to "craft" factories, even digital giants like Xiaomi are not deterred from copying designs. So we are waiting for one, maybe really valuable product.

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