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Redmi is preparing a budget response for Xiaomi Watch

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<p>  After the Xiaomi Mi Watch was released, it made sense to expect the appearance of a similar Redmi portable device. It seems that the first Redmi Watch is already preparing for </p>
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<p>  Lou Weibing, Redmi brand manager, turned to the Weibo microblogging service platform to ask the following question: "What do you think of the first Redmi Watch? Are you looking forward to Redmi watches? "While this is not yet an official confirmation, it is a very" fat "tip that smart watches from the brand will be available soon. </p>
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And we all know that Redmi products are a cheaper version of Xiaomi products already released, as was the case with laptops, smart TVs and smart watches, as follows.

Nothing is known on Redmi Watch, but if they really seem to expect them to be similar to Mi Watch, but probably they will lose eSIM support, they will get a smaller battery, the manufacturer will keep the same software as on Mi Watch – MIUI for watches based on Android WearOS

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