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Protests in Hong Kong Polyuia began shooting live video bullets

Yesterday, mass protests in Hong Kong again crossed the dangerous line. Police opened fire on protesters against extradition law. This was reported by Reuters with reference to local media.

On the island of the island, police began firing demonstrators with live bullets, one person being injured. A local Hong Kong Free Press resource showed a video of him lying on the sidewalk in a pool of blood. In addition, the police used tear gas against the protesters.

Video: Hong Kong Free Press

Protesters in response threw plastic boxes at police, and representatives of the radical part of the protest movement erected barricades in many places around the city

Protesters also blocked roads and defeated shopping malls in parts of Hong Kong and the Kowloon Peninsula.

In connection with these events, some subway lines were already stopped today, November 1

1, and units were distributed near stations and shopping centers. police. Many universities have canceled classes, and traffic jams have emerged in some areas.

Demonstrations on the streets of Hong Kong have been ongoing for the sixth month. Protesters are demanding that the authorities reject extradition laws that allow offenders to be sent to China in China to serve their sentences.

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