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Plump Queen in swimsuit shocked by the law (video)

Famous actress Natasha Koroleva often enjoys fans with fun photo and video publications. This time, the singer played a video where she also criticized her for being "fat" on her body.

In the video, Natasha Koroleva stands in a coral separate bathing suit and reports herself for appearance.

It was previously reported that the queen came on stage in the dress in the 90s of the last century. So for the performance Natasha chose white lace bikes, a red mini skirt and a jacket of the same color. Also on the actress was a white T-shirt with her photo.

Fans of the actress began to playfully comment on this video. Some were happy that celebrities were published while others had a loss. And even Natasha Koroleva's husband, a stripper Sergei Glushko, shocked his fans with a new photo on the social network. In the picture, the companion of the company is located by a famous Russian comedian in a half shirt, and he touches the streamer for the chest. And recently, a concert was held in Russia to honor the birthday of the famous actress Natasha Koroleva. There were many fans of the singer and her husband Sergey Glushko, who took common pictures with their idols. So some pictures just joked the fans' fans. And it was first and foremost linked to the male appearance of the Koroleva man.

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