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PlayStation 5 is the company's simplest gaming console

Jim Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said the upcoming PlayStation 5 is the company's simplest gaming console, according to publishers and developers.

"One thing that makes me particularly optimistic is that we hear from developers and publishers how easy it is for them to run code on PlayStation 5, and it far surpasses any experience they had on PlayStation platforms before " said Ryan GamesIndustry.biz.

In an interview, Ryan also revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to team up with three regional units ̵

1; Japan, Europe and the United States – during the launch of PlayStation 5, with a special focus on marketing. # 39; Spider-Man was the first game to favor this strategy and sold a record high on PlayStation 4.

"It's a great game, and it has also become a bestseller on PlayStation ," he said. – Unlike the divided three regional campaigns, which are often very well executed, but basically the same thing is done three times, there was a global campaign that was designed and executed in a unique way nd way. ". [19659008] Jim Ryan He also said that Sony Interactive Entertainment is considering new studios that can join the PlayStation family.

"We are always looking, but we are careful about who we are looking for and with whom we are negotiating ," he said. . – Buying studios right now is a very expensive business. This is really a seller's market. We can do more in this area, but must make sure the company is right. The integration page … which is sad to talk about, but the world is dotted with illustrations by [как после приобретения происходит катастрофа] ».

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