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Olga Seryabkina showed magnificent breasts without underwear

Olga Serebkina, a Russian singer and ex-member of the Serebro group, who is credited with the deal with producer Max Fadeev, flashed her beauty.

So, in the new photos that celebrities shared on Instagram, Olga poses in a short top that puts out delicious images.

During the photo, Seryabkina admitted that she finally decided to finally say goodbye to everything that connects her with the Serebro group and renamed the social network:

"I know it was as long as possible Because of difficulties, Nicky is clogging and even if they do not use it is sometimes impossible to remove them, but the most important thing is that it worked. It is a trifle, but I am so happy now. My symbol for a new road. "

Star fans, however, were not so interested in the change in singer's life, and her sexual forms:

As OBOZREVATEL reported, Olga Seryabkina's former Pokemon Onnikov reported a strong figure in a transparent dress through which her panties were visible.

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