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NYPD detains a man who leaves pressure cooker bags in Manhattan

On August 16, a man left bags of pressure cookers in tight places in New York. He was arrested on the night of August 17, but was not charged with the incident.

On the night of August 17, New York police arrested a man who had left three pressure cookers in public places in Manhattan the day before, according to surveillance cameras. This is reported on on Twitter by the New York Police Counter-Terrorism Department.

According to CNN, the man was found unconscious in the Bronx. The source of the channel said he was taken into custody on the basis of a court decision that was unrelated to the Friday incident.

Deputy Head of the Department of Terror John Miller said that after the arrest, law enforcement agencies would like to find out the motives of this man if he acted with intent to cause fear or throw away items he did not need from others.

Two suspicious packages were discovered on August 16 at Fulton Subway Station, another nearby. A police check showed that there were pressure cookers in the packages, they were considered safe.

CNN TV channel noted that they were pressure cookers identical to those used which were disguised as improvised explosives that shot in Manhattan in September 2016 . Then anenia 29 got 29 people.

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