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Most popular movie of the year

  Named the best movie of the year according to the audience

Photo: eonline.com/shows/peoples_choice_awards Chapter19659003-03 Name was named best film of the year according to the audience

The band from the Marvel film company was recognized as the best by the audience after a corresponding Vote.

] In Los Angeles, is named best movie of 2019 according to viewers. This was announced on the official site of the People's Choice Awards.

The best film was selected as part of the annual People's Choice Awards. According to the results of the audience vote, he recognized the Avengers: Finale band.

In addition, Robert Downey Jr., who played the role of Iron Man, was recognized as Best Actor in 201


In 2018, Marvel Avengers: Infinity War also won People's Choice Awards. .

It was previously reported that the movie Avengers: Final was the highest grossing film in history. The correspondent also wrote that the first pictures of Jolie from the new Marvel movie appeared.

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