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Ministry for Foreign Affairs on the Trump scandal: There was no pressure

  Foreign Ministry on Trump scandal: There was no pressure

The first meeting with Trump and Zelensky will take place next week

Priestayko says he knows what Trump and Zelensky talked about in July, and assures that it there was no pressure

Foreign Minister Vadim Pristayko denies US President Donald Trump's pressure on his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky during a telephone conversation. Pristayko said this in an interview with Gromadsky.

The Foreign Minister believes that they are trying to draw Ukraine into a confrontation between Republicans and Democrats in the United States.

"The people who are engaged in Russian-American relations understand that we always tried to appreciate help from both parties, this assistance gave us the opportunity to ensure that with the change of administration, our priorities in relations with the United States will not change," the minister explained .

In response to the question of the US leader putting pressure on Ukraine, Pristayko stressed that "Ukraine ̵

1; not a country with its own secrets."

He also noted that Zelensky has the right to hold the contents of his conversation with another president secret, and US investigators have every right to "get" this information into the United States.

"I know what the conversation was about and I think there was no pressure. There was a conversation, the conversations are different, the leaders have the right to discuss any problems that exist. This conversation was long, friendly and it affected Many questions, sometimes you had to have pretty serious answers, "" Pristayko summed up.

According to the Wall Street Journal, during a conversation with Zelensky in July, Trump called the name of presidential candidate Joe Biden at least eight times and called on him to launch an investigation into Ukraine against his son.

that Trump put pressure on Zelensky during the conversation and urged him to initiate an investigation and to cooperate with Trump's personal attorney Rudi Giuliani during this investigation.

One of the newspaper's sources indicated that Trump related to the issue of provide assistance to Ukraine and do not believe that, h the US President is proposed by the President of Ukraine in exchange for investigation.

In this regard, J oe Biden urged Trump to publish a printout of the conversation with Zelensky.

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