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Milovanov: Ukraine is on its way to an economic breakthrough

  Milovanov: Ukraine is on the verge of an economic breakthrough

Photo: facebook.com/KyivSchoolOfEconomicsebrit19659003-03 Milovanov talked about a working trip to the United States

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Minister of Economy Timothy Milovanov says that Ukraine is "on the verge of an economic breakthrough." He wrote about this on Facebook.

"We are on the verge of an economic breakthrough. This was felt at all meetings in the United States. People, businesses, investors, officials look with interest in Ukraine, and everyone realizes the ability of the new government to change the country. Expectations are great , but everyone wants to look closer and see with certainty, "writes the minister.

Milovanov identified four areas of interest to people and businesses abroad and which Ukraine must solve for successful economic development.

First, how independent is the new government during the imaet decision and whether there is a shadow government coming into critical moments. Secondly, if there will be judicial reforms and reforms of law enforcement agencies and they will not remain under the control of the new government and special interests, as has always been the case. Thirdly, how seriously the new government will fight with bank owners, which caused damage to taxpayers and bank customers. Fourth, the rules of the game are the same for everyone. Including the issue of demonopolization and de-oligarchization of Ukraine will occur, and whether all oligarchs will play by the same rules.

"I assured all the positive answers to these four questions. But people want to wait and make sure this is true. If we are to convince the world that Ukraine will begin to develop rapidly, we will be inundated by investment and we will finally be successful. We have such a chance, "Milovanov is sure.

As you know, the Cabinet's business program requires attracting $ 50 billion in investment for GDP growth and 40% over five years.

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