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March 2020 equipped with a multifunctional drilling rig

Technical news: Thanks to the new rotation mechanism, March 2020 will be able to use nine different drilling nozzles.

Thus, scientists will have more opportunities to study samples of Martian land to answer questions about Geology Red Planet.

Two nozzles are designed for abrasive cleaning of the upper layers of rocks, one is required to obtain regolith samples and six more – to obtain core samples. In addition to the rig, the rover will receive a whole host of other devices, especially 23 different cameras. The entire unit mass is 1050 kg.

NASA tested the robot arm for March 2020 (Video)

March 2020 is one of NASA's most important and expected missions. The launch of the unit is scheduled for next summer: Atlas-5 rocket was chosen as carrier. Scientists hope the results can be used to assess Mars's habitat now or earlier.

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