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Life on Mars: Found signs of a "living" planet

Four different units of three devices captured the source of living organisms

"Live" gas was found under a unique set of circumstances

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NASA announced that the rover's curiosity had discovered the most important chemical element signaling having life in March in it past. In the atmosphere of the red planet, traces of methane ̵

1; gas commonly produced by living creatures – were found, reports the novice.

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The last survey conducted in the Gale Crater showed a large amount of methane ever discovered in March. But no less important was how exactly the "living" gas was found.

The case helped. At the time of measurement, two satellites monitored this area at about the same time: Mars Express and Trace Gas Orbiter. The study of this area was done with double precision, giving the researchers an incredible opportunity to confirm the presence of methane in large quantities to Mars, confirmed by two independent scientific instruments.

<img data-src = "https://www.segodnya.ua/i/original/media/image/5d1/143/11e/5d114311e90ef.jpg" alt = "Mars Express Spacecraft" title = "Mars Spacecraft Mars Express Spacecraft

Photo: NASA

" We got a unique opportunity to test the scientific discovery using it. four different tools, "commented Marco Juranna from the National Institute of Astrophysics in Italy, who has led the development team for a metangiver on the Mars Express probe that has spun around Mars since 2003.

Planet researchers are interested in methane on Mars, as this chemical elements can be the main proof of life on this planet, even in the past. Of course, it can be obtained from geological sources, but on Earth, the vast majority of gas is exposed to the atmosphere by the vital activity of microbes and other living creatures.

<img data-src = "https://www.segodnya.ua/i/original/media/image/5d1/143/4d8/5d11434d800bb.jpg" alt = "Trace Gas Orbiter" title = "Trace Gas Orbiter "Trace gas Orbiter

spacecraft Photo: NASA

In recent years, researchers have repeatedly fixed small amounts of methane on Mars, which was difficult to capture with instruments. High errors led to skepticism regarding Enli gt previous observations of methane, but this time researchers are more likely to confirm the presence of "live" gas on the red planet.

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