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Kolomoisky and Schuster scandalized freedom of speech live

Live on the freedom of speech of the Savik Shuster program on Ukraine's TV channel on Friday night, Savik Shuster announced that he would bring charges against the oligarch Kolomoisky, who previously accused the journalist of allegedly taking money from his program guests for participating , when she was on Channel 1 + 1, which belonged to Kolomoiskys.

"I decided to sue Kolomoisky. Protection of honor, dignity and ultimately my professional reputation," said Savik Schuster.

Savik recalled that his student on September 3, 2015 Iya signed a contract with the TV channel 1 + 1, which was valid until the end of August 2018.

Schuster noted that his program was withdrawn from the TV after two editions. the channel on September 1


The beginning of the meeting between Savik Shuster and Igor Kolomoisky in 1 hour. 37 min.

"At the same time, we gave a signal to channel 1 + 1 during the contract, they did not send us," he added.

Before the TV presenter's statement about his intention to air his programs, they showed an excerpt of Kolomoisky's video interview in which a businessman explains the reason why Schuster's program "1 + 1" ended in air.

Kolomoisky claims in this interview that Schuster broke the terms of the contract by getting a $ 2.5 million advance for 10 programs in advance [19659002] "He made a transfer, but" burned down "in the other – he took the money. The condition was that he would not do it take money from no one, "said the businessman.

"From some mayors. He took two to fifty. We intentionally walked one," he answered the question of who, according to his information, got money.

On the Freedom of Speech Savik Shuster broadcast, they showed a video from an interview with the leader of Radical Party Oleg Lyashko, one of the Ukrainian TV presenters, where politicians claim that it was because of his participation that it was decided not to broadcast Schuster & # 39; s program 2015 year.

"Kolomoisky threw Schuster off the air because he had an agreement with Poroshenko, because I went on air … It was a day when Mosiychuk imprisoned. And Schuster urged me to send so I would tell my truth and not what was shown in parliament, "Lyashko explained.

According to politicians, Kolomoisky called him on his way to the studio with a request not to participate in the program. [19659002] "I know for sure that Schuster was thrown out of the air because of me. At the command of Petro (Poroshenko – Rev. )," lays down the leader of the radical party.

After the video was shown, Schuster said Kolomoisky had called the air. It is worth noting that the businessman was previously in the same program I participated in a telephone discussion about the situation with PrivatBank.

"We will sue you," Schuster told him.

"Of course we will sue. You just do not scare me in the courts. Where should we sue – in Italy or Ukraine?", Kolomoisky replied.

"Maybe you will first return the money for the ten programs you have spent, and then we will talk to you," said the oligarch, demanding that the presenter return him $ 2.3 million.

During a live contraction, Kolomoisky Schuster and co-owners of the studio called Pavel Elizarov "bribe takers who take them for the same job three times."

In turn, Elizarov immediately specified that the lawsuit against Kolomoisky will be brought for 10 million UAH.

Earlier, "Country" reported that Shus ter would call Kolomoisky to work on his channel, and that Savik would have become a TV presenter instead of Kolomoisky.

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