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IOS 13.2.2 is released with fix for RAM bug and macOS 10.15.2 beta 1

Although most bugs found in iOS 13.2 were already fixed in the first beta of iOS 13.3, released this week, Apple decided it would take too long to wait for it to be released. Therefore, the company decided to release a pass-through patch with bug fixes – iOS 13.2.2. Probably some may be confused by the serial number for the update, since iOS 13.2.1, probably, none of you have received. However, this update was also, it came out a few days after the release of iOS 13.2 and was intended only for owners of HomePod, which due to the installation of the update stopped working properly. And today the first beta release of macOS 10.15.2 was released.

iOS 13.2.1 was not there yet, and Apple is already releasing iOS 13.2.2

Read also: Apple told me all about iOS 13 security by updating its website [19659004] iOS 13.2.2, which is a third order update, contains no new features. This version of the operating system is only intended to fix all types of errors in the operation of compatible devices that users encountered after installing the previous device. According to the description of the update provided by Apple itself, it contains only six fixes, but knowing how secretly they can behave in Cupertino we can assume that there are actually more bug fixes.

What's New in iOS 13.2.2 [19659006] Fixed an error due to which applications could unexpectedly shut down in the background;
  • Fixed a bug because the iPhone could temporarily lose connection after the call ended;
  • An error was fixed because the mobile Internet could be temporarily inaccessible;
  • Fixed an issue that caused replies to emails encrypted with S / MIME appeared in an unreadable format in Exchange accounts;
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to an authentication request when using Kerberos SSO in Safari;
  • Fixed an error from which could interrupt the charging process for YubiKey accessories with the Lightning connector.
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    Perhaps the most awaited fix that brought iOS 13.2.2 was the fix for the crash in the multitask operation brush. Because of this, many applications have lost the ability to continue working in the background, which is why users have lost the ability to switch between them. Each switch from one program to another always led to a restart of the previous one, which in principle deprives users of access to the multitasking mode, which is crucial for many to work with.

    Why there are so many bugs in iOS 13

    Apple is probably now in constant search mode for bugs and vulnerabilities in iOS. In fact, since the launch of iOS 13, the company had to release seven updates, some of which are only aimed at eliminating bugs and deficiencies in the operating system. Apparently, a large number of innovations in the first issue affected, because of which Cupertino even decided to postpone the launch of some of them to a later date.

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