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In the UK, children weighing 429 and 403 grams were born

At one of the hospitals in the UK, doctors released the smallest twins known to modern science. They were born by 32-year-old Talia Keats, reports The Sun.

Doctors convinced Talia not to give birth. When the water drained from her prematurely, the woman warned that the children could die at birth. Of course, she gave birth to Joe's 23rd week of pregnancy, which weighed 429 grams. His brother Ashley weighed only 403 grams, he was born with Caesarean section.

Newborns immediately went to the intensive care unit. They were there for months. Both twins were born with chronic lung disease. This happened because they are too early.

As reported by "Strana", Ukraine has begun a seasonal increase in influenza. According to the Ministry of Health, over 150,000 people have taken the virus during the week. It is also known that 5 deaths from influenza have been registered since early 2019.

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