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Honor Kaminsky about the new novel

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In June, it became known that Slava Kaminsky and her husband Edgar were divorcing. The ex-wife did not mention the causes of the divorce, it is only known that it was Edgar who became the initiator. Each time the singer refused to talk about leaving, but in a new interview for "Secular Life" she still touched on the topic of divorce and personal life. So Glory acknowledged that she is not alone now.

"There is a relationship. As my colleague says, happiness loves silence," said Slava, refusing to share the rest of the details. But the artist does not deny the probable marriage: "If there is a man next to me who does not suit me, there will be a fifth and sixth time."

Speaking of divorce, the singer noted that she herself did not understand the reason for the split:

"I say I still do not know why we broke up. I do not know, maybe another, different. I do not guess but I know really not why we broke up. The initiative was of course his. Well, as a mom I could break with my husband. Even when something didn't suit me, I'm a mom, I have kids and I would never do that. And I can be a little older and wiser, but someone is young and I want to take a walk, but one day the mind will come, "Slava said.

When asked what Edgar didn't like about her, Slava answered briefly:" He didn't like the fact that I had a personal opinion, and I as a wife should agree with everything. "

  Slava Kaminsky started a new romance after the divorce

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