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Goodbye Linux on the smartphone. Samsung abandons Linux on DeX software

  Goodbye Linux on the smartphone. Samsung refuses Linux on DeX software

Recently, Samsung made an announcement that will upset users of its own Linux on DeX software, also known as Linux on Galaxy. The South Korean giant warned of the upcoming closure of the project, which is a kind of continuation of the ideas for the Ubuntu Touch project. Remember that at one time Canonical tried to adapt Linux for smartphones and turn it into a universal operating system, which could be used in desktop mode, but in the end it did not work.

DeX proprietary software is familiar to users of Samsung flagship smartphones and tablets. on Android. By connecting the device to the monitor with an HDMI-USB-C cable, you can get an interface similar to the desktop system. Remember that the Linux on DeX initiative was launched a year ago, since then the software that allows owners of several compatible Samsung devices to work in the Ubuntu desktop environment has remained in beta. But with the launch of the Android 10 update for Samsung smartphones and tablets, official support for Linux on DeX will be canceled. Samsung does not name the exact reason for the completion of the project, but it can be assumed that the software was not very popular.

With the release of the firmware update for Android 10, users must return to the much more limited DeX optimized Android interface in terms of functionality. But for those who used Linux as a tool to improve performance, this is obviously not an option.

Samsung is still actively developing DeX technology, and recently developers have included desktop support for Mac and Windows. But it is clear that despite the high computing power, Galaxy smartphones can not yet function as a complete replacement for the computer.

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