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FinCEN: casino operators must report suspected cryptocurrency activity

Representatives of the gaming industry, especially casino operators, should closely follow the recommendations of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) regarding virtual currency related activities and report any suspicious activity.

Reminder of FinCEN Director Kenneth Blanco made during the 12th annual conference on combating money laundering in Las Vegas this week, Cointelegraph writes.

As regards the term "convertible virtual currencies" (CVC), B ANCO identified two areas where CVC intersects with casinos and card clubs. According to him, those working with cryptocurrencies should develop a strategy for performing complex transaction verification and analyzing blockchain, as well as deciding how they will include CVC related indicators in their suspicious transaction reports.

"I urge casinos to carefully study both documents on the FinCEN website to understand what we know about the approach to this industry and its interaction with other financial sector participants. Casino operators must provide relevant reports when encountering suspicious transactions," Blanco said. .

The speaker on the importance of these measures also emphasized that FinCEN's director emphasized that casino operators are often targets of cyber criminals who carry out attacks in order to receive a ransom and compromise corporate e-mails.

A guide that describes the principles for matching virtual currency-related activities with the Banking Securities Act and the denominational law. Zhnyh transfers FinCEN was published in May this year

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