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Famous Ukrainian singer Alyosha radically changed her image (Photo)

Show business news: The famous singer Alyosha (the real name is Elena Kucher-Topol) decided to change her image. The famous blonde colored her hair in a trendy pink shade.

Alyosha is one of the representatives of Ukrainian show industries that are not afraid to change their image. In addition, the artist eagerly experiments and colors the hair from blonde to red, hazy and even black and pink. In the past, Alyosha once again shocked fans by posting a photograph of pale pink curls on her Instagram page.

In a note, the star did not explain what her sudden change of image was linked to. But Alyosha advised her fans and urged them to find time to take care of themselves.

"Being beautiful is easy! Take time for yourself. Although it seems like there is no way, find time for a hobby or rest. Dress well. All of us girls and we all sometimes want to wear something good and go to the ball, even if it's new jeans and a movie theater. Change your image. Don't be afraid to experiment! "She called.

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Interestingly, Alyosha is not the only artist who decided to dye her hair in a pink hue. Recently, Lesya Nikityuk also appeared in front of the fans with a new image. The TV presenter launched a challenge where the subscribers to her blog decided to realize a dream they could not realize in a long time.

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